How to Make Your Facebook Photos “Private” in 3 EASY STEPS

– Make Facebook Photos Private for Use in Your Social Book
– Learn how to use Facebook like your personal journal to create the My Social Book you want!

How to Make Your Facebook Photos “Private” in 3 EASY STEPS…


My Social Book is that it magically turns your Facebook content into a beautiful keepsake book. But what if you want to include pictures in your next My Social Book but don’t want people to see these on your Facebook timeline?


The first thing to know is…


that whenever you upload a photo to Facebook, all your friends can see it by default. Now, if you want the photo to only be visible by you, you should change your privacy settings. You can do this after uploading a photo or while you upload it.


Private Facebook Photos STEP 1


Go to Facebook and open the photo you want to make private. Open the photo so that it takes up your browser window. You can quickly find your photos by clicking either the Photos option in the Apps menu or the Photos tab on your profile.

Private Facebook Photos STEP 1

(Remember: You can make any photo private except for your current profile or cover photo, or part of an album, and you can’t make photos that other people have uploaded private).


Private Facebook Photos STEP 2


Find the date in the upper-right corner. Click the Privacy button next to the date. This will show you the different privacy options for that photo. If you’re using the mobile app, tap the ? button, scroll down, and select “Edit privacy.

Private Facebook Photos STEP 2

Private Facebook Photos STEP 3


Select “Only me.” This ensures only you can access the photo.

Private Facebook Photos STEP 3

A few things to keep in mind: If the photo is part of an album, you can only change the privacy for the entire album. If the photo was part of a post, you can only change the privacy of the entire post. If anyone else is tagged in the photo, they’ll still be able to see it – remove their tags if you want to make the photo completely private.

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