How to download your Facebook timeline.

Download Facebook? If you’re thinking about closing your Facebook account and leaving the service, you must store on your computer system copies of the photos, videos, status updates, wall posts as well as various other material you have published on Facebook so far. Thankfully, this can be conveniently done by downloading your whole Facebook information as a ZIP file.

This provides you a permanent duplicate of the exact same details offered to you in your Facebook account.

This includes stuff like your timeline info, posts you have shared, messages, photos and more, in addition to information you did not produce on your own such as the ads you have actually clicked on, logged IP addresses…

This step-by-step tutorial will assist you through the process of downloading an archive from your Facebook to a computer system, as well as discovering its materials.

There’s no way to independently select which data you would like to download as part of your Facebook archive, so you’ll need to download the ZIP file in its totality and also discover its materials later.

Step by Step:

Download Facebook Step 1: Log in to Facebook on your computer and click at the top right of any Facebook page and to select Settings.

Download Facebook Step 1

Download Facebook Step 2: Click General in the lefthand column.

Download Facebook Step 2

Download Facebook Step 3: Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom of the General Account Settings web page.

Download Facebook Step 3

Download Facebook Step 4: You’ll be taken to a new web page to verify that you truly desire to download your Facebook info.

Click the green Start My Archive button to continue.

Download Facebook Step 4

Download Facebook Step 5: “It may take a little while for us to collect your info,” shows up.

To continue, click the blue Start My Archive button.

Download Facebook Step 5

Download Facebook Step 6: You should now validate your identity by keying your Facebook password in order to ensure the security of your account.

Download Facebook Step 7: A confirmation message pops up, saying the system is gathering your information and will shoot a message to the email address on file as soon as your archive is ready for download.

Click Okay to dismiss the message.

Download Facebook Step 7

Download Facebook Step 8: Now check your inbox for a message from Facebook validating that you asked for a copy of your account information. You’ll soon receive another message containing a download link once it’s ready, which can take up to several hours.

Idea: If you’re not receiving emails from Facebook, check your spam folder and also ensure that Facebook’s e-mails are not classified as spam.

Download Facebook Step 9: When you receive one more message including a download link, click it to retrieve an archive of your Facebook information and download your Facebook timeline.

Download Facebook Step 10: Go to the Downloads folder on your computer and open the ZIP archive you downloaded to unarchive it.

Since the archive has personal details, you need to maintain it safeguard and take precautions when keeping or sending it, or uploading it to an additional service.

For safety factors, this link will just work for a few days after being sent out. If it quits working, simply create another demand to download your Facebook timeline and archive.

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