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Art(h) In Movement – Introduction


The land of the rising sun. Yes, Japan! My name is Arthur and there’s where we are going together this summer.  Soon I’ll be boarding on a plane to Tokyo and I’m very excited to share my tales with you.

To give the story a little background, I was a very geek infant (at the time “nerd“ was the adjective frequently used) and always had a taste for the oriental culture, particularly the Japanese one. I loved to read – mangas. I loved to watch television – animes. I loved to play with my friends – Asian videogames. I loved to study languages – Japanese. I could keep the list going with my early interest on Japanese mythology, cuisine, art, history… but that’s not the point. The point is to show you how this trip is a child’s dream coming true.

That child has become the 25 years old who now writes to you and even though my interests have changed a lot, there are so many things in Japan I want to see and do that the “past me” and the “current me” will be holding hands to explore this country on their own perspective in a mix of nostalgia and curiosity (and a lot of excitement on both of them!).

That’s the plan I’ve made:

In this trip I’m hoping to eat a lot (there’s so much more than sushi to discover), experiment new things, get in contact with the nature, also with the city and its locals, I want to see their castles and all their beautiful traditional architecture, enjoy some solitude in remote places, climb mount Fuji (fingers crossed it will be open), experience the weird and the wonderful, have my share on Sake and before the “past me” starts flouncing: I expect to visit the Pokémon mega centre, the manga cafes, the toy stores, and take a picture with every anime themed something I find.

Passport and visa ready. I’m finished packing now and I’m getting psychologically ready for this 17h trip with a layover in Moscow. Wish me good luck and I talk to you again in the other side of the world, finally being able to give my first impressions.


Arthur from « Art(h) in movement », Wanderluster’ Chronicles by My Social Book.