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Soundtrack Of Life: Roquetas de mar

Soundtrack Of Life: Roquetas de mar

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After several tiring nights of work, playing music in some clubs in Europe, I wanted to go to a quiet place to recharge my batteries and rest a bit. Fortunately, my father lives in southern Spain, so I decided to visit him for the weekend.

After a day spent with him, I took his mountain bike to venture alone into the Punta Entinas-Sabinar natural park along the beach, not far from my father’s apartment. Evening began to fall, offering a perfect light and a more supportable heat.

Headphones in my ears, I admired, with the sound of the selected songs of my playlist, the fauna and flora of this park. I was disconnected from the rest of the world, alone in nature, filled with a feeling of exaltation. Each song plunged me into a universe of appeasement and fullness. I rode for a long time, stopping from time to time to capture with my camera the beauty of the landscape, a few marshes reflected the imposing mountains located a few kilometers away.

However the place looks like a desert, reminding me of the Californian deserts that you see in films or on postcards. I continued my road made of earth and gravel to a little ruined tower, and stopped to contemplate the vast, yellow, and pale expanse. It made me think of a song about the desert that I hastened to play on my cell phone (SeeĀ Desert video). I felt like being inside a music video – it was nice.

I rushed the bike back to the small town.

Despite a slight fear of not leaving the park before nightfall, I stopped again to contemplate some birds drinking at the edge of a small watering point reflecting, this times the dark and orange sky.

I left the natural park just before the night settled completely and before I went back to the apartment, I rolled along the dike, singing, what amused the walkers, which amused me in return.

After being refreshed, I went out again, on foot this time, to settle on the beach, my only company: a fresh beer and the melancholic music of my playlist.

I walked close to the water and in front of me … black, like nothingness, I barely distinguished the sea from the sky. Only the stars and the foam of the waves were visible.

It was an impressive sight, the feeling of being in front of the immensity of a black and mysterious world, bewitching, intriguing and almost frightening.

The songs I listened to, intensified that feeling. I had the ridiculous thought of imagining myself swimming in the night to reach Algeria on the other side of the Mediterranean. This moment in front of this black sea and sky, as well as my little tour in the natural parc earlier in the evening filled me with pleasure, and this connection with nature made me feel recharged. I went back to the apartment smiling.

Soundtrack Of Life: Roquetas de mar
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