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Day 1 & 2 – Mc Adam Family

Day 1 :


The Westphalian Charm

We got our camper van somewhere outside Brussels and we started travelling north. We had the idea to reach Hamburg the first day, but we didn’t realize that a motorhome moves a lot slower than a car… The kids were tired so we preferred to stop, for the night, after 350 km of travelling, in Lotte, near Munster, Germany.

Lost in the countryside we found a place to park our campervan, in the middle of the forest. The owner of the area spoke ONLY German! Fortunately we are in the 21st century, and thanks to Internet we were able to translate our questions to her.

Our timing was perfect as we settled down just when the rain started to fall. So we spent the night, lulled by the rain. One night in Westphalian charm

lotte 2

Day 2 :


Epic Fail !

Today was a day on the road again. Seeing that we were only a few miles from Hamburg, we decided to aim immediately to our next destination with the idea of, ??perhaps, seeing Hamburg on the way back.

We have become fully aware that the journeys in this little rolling house are not the ones we used to drive. But since the beginning we decided to be flexible and to allow ourselves to change our plan, even if we had to miss some things, to fully enjoy the trip, so it was not a problem at all.

So we’re on our way to Billund and its famous Legoland park.

The rain followed us a good part of the journey, and near the Danish border the sun showed up. Abby was tired and began to cry… a lot. So I asked our  older daughter, Josephine, to take my place in the front, while I took hers next to Abby… Yes I know you aren’t supposed to, but what else should I have done with a tiny girl crying so fiercely for 20 minutes?

Except that we did not think we were so close to the border! And what was bound to happen did happen… The Danish customs officers were astonished to see such a young child in front of the vehicle, and asked us to pull over.

We were a little uncomfortable, and thought they were going to lecture us because of the situation, but no ; The customs officer, after observing the interior of the vehicle*,  just asked for our papers. So I give him my identity card, Nick’s, Josephine’s, and Abby’s passport… At least that’s what I thought … He said, “Is the same child on the two ID papers?”. Seeing my surprise, he showed me what I had handed him, and indeed I had taken Josephine’s identity pieces twice and not Abby’s!

Fortunately I had Abby’s Belgian resident card! It is not an official paper, but the customs officer was merciful, and seeing me almost crying, he agreed that we should continue our journey. Thank you sir !

What a crazy way to get the most out of our road trip..

After that we decided that it was enough for the day and joined a camper area 4km from the border.

A little piece of beautiful Danish countryside, under the sun. Perfect to really start the holidays!


*Normally, border crossing in Europe is easy, thanks to the agreement on the free circulation of CIS citizens. But since the summer of 2016 and the large influx of migrants, some EU countries have strengthened border security and started random checks.

germany 2
On the road (Germany)
On the road (Germany)
countryside 2
Josephine & Abby – Danish Countryside
countryside 4
Danish Countryside
Danish Countryside
Danish Countryside

Our Camper Van