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A baby? Life changing story from Jody

I wanted to share this beautiful “life transforming” story from Jody, one of our dear customers.  After 12 years of trying for a baby and almost giving up, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Read how her mother’s intuition, creativity and her own childhood history helped create some profoundly special memories for a little person…she thought was never meant to be.


“The best parts of life are the parts we can’t predict, and it’s these parts that make memories we’ll never forget”.


Our Little Baby Miracle

Our baby just turned 1 year this month and his addition to our family has completely changed us. He was a miracle surprise! We weren’t supposed to be able to have children, and after 18 years of marriage and becoming comfortable with what our lives were like, God decided otherwise.

At 41 I was terrified to find out I was already 4 months along by the time I realized that I WAS pregnant! I thought just maybe I had a bad curry or something on the nights I was sick, It was my husband that saw me turn green at the sight of a delicious Cobb salad, and said…”you need to take a pregnancy test”. Well he was right, and the rest they say…is history!

It was funny, I had always liked kids. You know, like a nice hobby. I wasn’t prepared for the punch drunk, sloppy, soul wrenching, heart ripping, self-sacrificing love that this little person can wring from me. It’s a biological imperative, I get that. But it’s also God’s gift.

For years, we had tried to determine what life had in store for us. Planning, saving, projecting income levels with purchases. We had what we thought was a decent life. Not luxurious, not lavish, but we could pay our bills, and we owned a home. Then I got pregnant. I was old! Women at 41 aren’t supposed to have babies for the first time, they’re supposed to have kids earlier on in life. I was terrified. I wasn’t prepared for this!

We weren’t planning on this contingency. It had been at least 12 years of trying, after being told by doctors that without fertility treatment it wouldn’t happen. We had given up. It wasn’t in our future. The ship had sailed.


But then…


Things fell in place, and sacrifices were made. We sold our home, to rent a smaller house, but the equity provided a way for me to stay home and be a mom for most of the first year. Time is more important than money, and time is something I can never get back. Our son is worth more than any income I could earn and being there for him is something I will never regret. I wouldn’t have learned this had I not let go of the perceived security money can provide.

My baby's crib

“When my body didn’t do what I wanted it to do”


After my son was born, it happened. I had a crisis of the heart when my body didn’t do what I wanted it to do. My baby was 5 days with very little milk. I had to come to terms that I couldn’t feed him the way I had dreamed of, the way I had planned for, and the way all moms are “supposed to” feed their babies.

With the help of my mother, and my childhood history of growing up in the country we developed a plan.

This is the unforgettable part.

Unbelievably I trust goats far more than corporations making powdered baby formula. I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure my son was getting enough to eat, without feeding him powdered oils, synthetic vitamins and things that weren’t milk.

I still vividly remember at less than a week old, he’s screaming in frustration and hunger and I gave him 2 oz of warm goat’s milk in a bottle at the first taste his little eyebrows went up in surprise and he smiled through the bottle, falling into a deep sleep within minutes after eating. With the help of a nutritionist and the approval of my doctor, I developed a recipe for Goat milk formula that has nourished my son for his first year, and he’s healthy, and growing fast now.

The best parts of life are the parts we can’t predict and it’s these parts that make memories we’ll never forget. Thank you My Social Book for publishing my story. Your books give me the ongoing opportunity to revisit and remember the miraculous moments of my life!

Now I’m a mom!