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Emojis curiosities and fun facts

Using emojis or emoticons are a fun way to add color to your comments on Facebook. Here are some Fun Emoji Facts:


How long have emojis existed?

emojis have been around since 1999, but became really big in 2012 when Apple released iOS 6.


Is “emoji” a real word?

Yes. In fact, the renowned Oxford Dictionaries accepted “emoji” as an official word in August of 2013.


Just how popular are they?

Humans collectively send 6 billion emoticons every day! (And if your dog could type, we trully believe he would send you emojis, too!!)


Which is the most used “emoji”?

“Face with tears of joy” ? (according to emoji tracker)


I’m obsessed! where can I learn more about emoji?

There is a short nice (and fun) documentary about emoji that you can watch here

And in the big screen?

The Emoji movie was released in the US on the 27th July. If you still haven’t watched it, here is the trailer to know what it’s about: The Movie Emoji

I love emojis! I’m typing on my desktop/laptop and I don’t have an Emoji keyboard.

You do! You can just access the website and copy paste the Emoji to your text.


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