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Day 3 & 4 Mc Adam family


Everything is awesome

After a sweet night listening to the sound of flies (the camper was invaded in the early evening and it was impossible to get rid of them), we got on the road to Legoland. WHOO HOO!

What a great park for small children! 70% of the attractions are designed for kids under 40 inches. Normally, theme parks have at MOST 40% of their rides dedicated to little kids!


We really enjoyed Legoland in Billund. It’s not huge, but there are a lot of things to see (one day is enough to see everything). Another nice thing is that you don’t feel overwhelmed by marketing hype, like in Disneyland for example … The atmosphere in Legoland is a perfect mirror of Denmark itself –  clean, peaceful, and charming.



We were surprised to find a penguin aquarium at the bottom of the park, so we ate in the attached restaurant and the girls were loved it. 

Josephine went on her first big Roller coaster! It was truly moving for her! She said, “I cried just a little, but I wasn’t scared !!” Haha! What a brave girl we have!

Then we took a break at the 4D cinema. The staff warned us that it wasn’t recommended for children under 7 because it’s so noisy… So after protecting the girls’ ears with cotton, we walked in. But the movie (which was way louder than it needed to be) barely started when I looked over to see Abby fast asleep… So cute!

At the end of the day, we finally went through the shop… it’s official! We were cracked !! Some toys for girls (Among others 2 pink swords), but especially a lot for us!!! Oops!

Our faces in the Ninjago attraction…

We left Billund with a smile on our lips and tired legs, in the direction of Randbøldal, to chill in a real campsite. An absolutely perfect camping, quiet, clean, a lake, a large playground, and very very green.



Adventure is out there

After all the excitement of the past few days, we decided a well deserved day of relaxation was in order – so we spent the whole day in the campsite! 

On the program: eating, sleeping, playing, and strolling.

The campsite offered a walking path that ended up being the perfect setting for a sort of adventure.. On the side of the campsite there is a small river, which at one time was occupied for artisanal gold mining and fish farming. All this seems to have been left somewhat abandoned, to the delight of all the small animals: frogs, giant snails, mice, birds… There were certainly bigger animals too, but these are only the ones we crossed, and no other species showed itself in order to enchant Abby and Josephine.

The highlight of the kids’ day was being able to hold a frog in their hands and watch the little beast scurry away – in just a few hops it was in the stream and gone. We also used a spyglass to see the birds… Or at least we tried!  It was amazing to see how this little event lit up their curiosity.  There was no “Mom can you carry me?” or “Can we go back to the car?”  Just pure, innocent, excited interest like only a child can possess.

Note for later: do not say “we go on a walk?” But “What if we went on the adventure?”

After a good day like this we fired up the barbecue – the first time this trip, and made a good meal. And that’s all we needed to finish the day falling into our beds, to have amazing dreams.